Maintenance Requests

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Troubleshooting videos for general maintenance issues

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All maintenance requests are required to be in writing through your online resident portal. You may also include photos to help us better understand your issue. Your online portal is the best method for submitting maintenance requests. It is submitted to our maintenance workflow process in real time and allows for tenant tracking.

After hours maintenance emergency requests: Please call the after hours maintenance emergency line at (818) 643-1990.

Some maintenance issues may not be able to be handled immediately. For instance, if you are calling at midnight about a clogged toilet, maintenance may not be able to go out until the morning. Please keep this in mind when calling.

The following are general guidelines of non-emergency maintenance items:

The following are general guidelines of emergency maintenance items:

We pride ourselves on prompt service. If you will not be home, please make arrangements for access to your rental in your absence. If you do not provide us with permission to enter and want to be present and are not present at the pre-scheduled time when our maintenance technician or vendor arrives, you will be responsible for a no show/rescheduling maintenance charge.

Maintenance will contact you when they will be coming out to complete your maintenance requests. Most non-emergency requests will be completed the following week after submission.

If the damage was caused by neglect or misuse by you, you will be charged for the repair.

Lockouts are not emergency maintenance requests and we will not send maintenance to unlock your door. Please utilize a certified locksmith. You will be responsible for the bill. Please notify us and ensure we have a copy of your new key.

If this is an after hours maintenance EMERGENCY requiring immediate attention, please call (818) 643-1990.